The Best Erotic Movies of all time

Are you craving something naughty then here are some of the steamiest erotic films to watch on Netflix.

We've found some of the sexiest movies  for when you want some hot, steamy onscreen lovin' that's not porn. Kindly sit back and read through , luckily for you we have added the download links.

 1) NEWNESS (2017)

A millennial couple decides to spice up their relationship by being open to seeing other people but it ends up complicating things.

2) (FIFTY SHADES SERIES [GREY (2015),DARKER (2017) & FREED (2018)]

This third instalment of the 50 Shades series is definitely the steamiest out of the lot.

3)  365 days (2020)

A member of the Sicilian Mafia family kidnaps a sales director and promises to make her fall in love with him in 365 days.


One of the hottest movies on Netflix right now, this French indie flick follows two women who have an enormously tortured romance but even more sexual connection. The first time I watched this movie, I tuned in with my parents, and I would, ahem, not recommend doing that.


Two women, played by Alia Shwkat and Laia Costa, connect and strike up some immediate sexual and romantic chemistry and decide to go on an epic 24-hour date.

SHAME (2011)

A sex addict's carefully cultivated private life falls apart after his sister arrives for an indefinite stay.


A disturbed teacher holds a young photographer captive in his Berlin apartment after bringing her home for a night of romance.

8) LOVE(2015)

Murphy, an American living in Paris, enters an emotionally charged relationship with Electra, who happens to be unstable. To spice up their relationship, they invite a third partner, their neighbour.


Nymphomaniac is a 2013 European two-part erotic art film written and directed by Lars von Trier. The film stars Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan SkarsgÄrd, Stacy Martin, Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, Jamie Bell, Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe and Connie Nielsen.

10)  AMAR (2017)

A young couple experience the intensity and fragility of first love, as life events tarnish their idealised notions of romance.

11) WHITE GIRL (2016)

Summer, New York City. A college girl falls hard for a guy she just met. After a night of partying goes wrong, she goes to wild extremes to get him back.

12)  UNDER THE SKIN (2013)

A mysterious young woman seduces lonely men in the evening hours in Scotland. However, events lead her to begin a process of self-discovery.

Others including Straight Up (2019), The lovebirds (2020),Rocco(2016), Y Tu  Mama Bien (2001), The one I love (2010), Milf(2018), Desire (2017), Burlesque (2010), Oh Ramona (2019), Dry Martina (2018), Horns(2013), Indiscretion (2016), The feels (2017), Shame (2011)...

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Erotica isn't porn , it's art 

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